Perl 6 Community Servers

The servers under the domain are dedicated to Perl 6 development by providing shell accounts, hosting websites and other services (such as smoke testing and IRC bots)

The hardware was funded by donations from the Perl 6 community, and housing and network is generously provided by noris network.


The server with the most resources is, which offers shell accounts for Perl 6 compiler, module and application development, as well as IRC sessions. hosts many Perl 6-related websites, including the main site,, and the Perl 6 design documents.

A third virtual machine is planned for high-risk applications (such as websites that evaluate Perl 6 code), and will be deployed on demand.

technical documentation is available.

How to get Access

If you have a Perl 6 related use case for a shell account, please send an email to, stating your cause and desired username. If you want to host public websites, and thus need access to the www server as well, please say so. Also include any non-standard software (Debian packages) that you need.

Code of Conduct and Disclaimer

  1. Be reasonable in your resource usage.
  2. Use technical means to limit your resource usage so that it doesn't accidentally explode (ulimit comes to mind).
  3. Limit yourself to legal and Perl 6-related use cases (no warez).
  4. Help your fellow hackers.

The standard disclaimer applies:


The community server depends on the generosity of many people and institutions, including:

... as well as many donors big and small who prefer to remain anonymous (or haven't made their choice of anonymity or lack thereof known). Thank you to everybody who contributed!


The predecessor was, also known just as "feather". When retirement of feather after 9+ years of service was announced, funding for new hardware was called for, hardware ordered and finally the new community servers went live.

The authoritative URL for this page is It is kept on github.